Venu Anuganti is a experienced consultant, advising the construction of massive data architectures for many technology companies in Silicon Valley.   He has worked with over 30+ fortune-500 companies and over 75+ small companies including Microsoft, Zynga, Groupon, Marin Software, Rubicon Project, Live Journal, Loyal3, Callidus Cloud, etc. He specializes in building data solutions for data analysts.

Hi Venu! What are the most important skills for a data scientist or analyst to have?  What are the most in demand skills relating to big data and analytics?

Both should have logical thinking towards complex problem solving. As long as they know how to parse the data to yield desired results, then they are in right track. Skills wise, Java, MySQL, Hadoop, Python, R are the most important.

What are the biggest challenges to utilizing data well within a business setting? What are the best technologies to use?

One needs to understand the business goals and utilize the data to help drive the business further. Get as many data points as possible and then build a warehouse or analytics solution on top of it; so that it can help the marketing, sales as well as driving the user experience (recommendation, user retention, features etc).

What’s your definition of data analytics and science?

“Data Science:  One who understands the data and business logic and provides predictions by sampling the current business data (also known as “data insights / business insights / data discovery / business discovery”); about the direction in which the business is heading (both good and bad) or where to head by spotting the trends; so that the business can take a right decision on their next steps; “

“Data Analytics: in general is a logical extension (or just a buzz word) to Data Warehousing (DW), Business Intelligence (BI); which provides complete insights into business data in most usable form. The major difference in warehousing to analytics is, analytics can be real-time and dynamic in most cases; where as warehouse is ETL driven in off-line fashion.”

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What is the future of data science?  What types of industries will use data best to build successful businesses?

The future of many businesses will be mostly driven by data science and data analytics. There is lot of online data for every business and in-order to bring the best experience users as well as to drive the business further, one must have data science in place.

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