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Jake Porway

Hi Jake! What is your experience in data analytics and science roles? Computer vision researcher, UCLA, worked to get computers to recognize objects better. Data scientist, Utopia Compression, sold my soul to do R&D for DARPA, erring on the side of the greater good (e.g. automated landmine removal as opposed to automated baby exploding). Data [...]

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Scott Nicholson

Scott is the Chief Data Scientist at Accretive Health, working on uncovering insights that will help doctors increase the quality of [...]

Antonio Piccolboni

Antonio began his career in bioinformatics, spending 10 years split between academia and industry.   He then worked  for a web [...]

Kate Matsudaira

Kate Matsudaira was most recently CTO at Decide where she managed a team of people doing data mining and machine learning. [...]

Christyn Perras

Christyn is currently a quantitative analyst at Youtube.  Previously she worked at Slide, a social gaming startup where she also [...]

John Cook

John Cook started out in applied math and worked for University of Texas and Vanderbilt University. He then left [...]

Hadley Wickham

Hadley Wickham has recently joined Rstudio as Chief Scientist.  Previously, he spent over four years as a statistics professor at Rice [...]