W e are on the verge of a revolution. In industries as diverse as Health, Entertainment, Politics, Shopping and Education, collecting and mining large data sets is becoming an integral component to building better products, making smarter decisions and being successful. But how do companies integrate with this emerging field and hire the right people to leverage their data? What are Data Scientists and Data Analysts, what do they do and what obstacles stand in their way? How does one enter this field and what skills are in highest demand? And so the story begins. We began asking these questions to thought leaders in this field (before they were even called data scientists).   We are learning many things.

“Analytics Story” was started by Romy Misra and Michael Twardos . Please contact us to submit your story.


  1. Briefly | Stats Chat - March 6, 2013

    [...] website with interviews in data science and analytics, currently featuring UoA graduate Hadley Wickham, in [...]

Scott Nicholson

Scott is the Chief Data Scientist at Accretive Health, working on uncovering insights that will help doctors increase the quality of [...]

Antonio Piccolboni

Antonio began his career in bioinformatics, spending 10 years split between academia and industry.   He then worked  for a web [...]

Kate Matsudaira

Kate Matsudaira was most recently CTO at Decide where she managed a team of people doing data mining and machine learning. [...]

Christyn Perras

Christyn is currently a quantitative analyst at Youtube.  Previously she worked at Slide, a social gaming startup where she also [...]

John Cook

John Cook started out in applied math and worked for University of Texas and Vanderbilt University. He then left [...]

Hadley Wickham

Hadley Wickham has recently joined Rstudio as Chief Scientist.  Previously, he spent over four years as a statistics professor at Rice [...]